What You Should Know About Jawline Contouring Houston

There are several different options for jawline contouring Houston. The methods may include dermal fillers or neck liposuction. Chin implants or cheekbone augmentation can also be performed. If you have a hollow jawline, you can use dermal fillers to restore the volume. The effects may last from six months to a year. The cost of jawline contouring Houston depends on the type of procedure performed and the combination of treatment options used. A Houston surgeon like Dr. Mirwat Sami can help you achieve effective jawline contouring.

Dermal fillers

Patients interested in jawline contouring can choose from a number of nonsurgical treatments. Dermal fillers can be used to restore volume to hollow areas of the face and can last from six months to a year. However, results may vary. BOTOX injections, for example, can only last for three to four months. Patients may need additional injections to maintain their new look. However, most patients tolerate injections well and can schedule multiple appointments at a convenient time.
Because dermal fillers do not require surgery, they can be used to achieve a more dramatic and youthful look. Most fillers have minimal or no side effects, though bruising and swelling may occur. Afterward, patients can apply makeup to hide the results. They should also avoid alcohol and strenuous physical activity for 24 hours. Although severe complications are rare, patients should avoid alcohol and exercise for 48 hours following treatment.

Neck liposuction / Jawline contouring Houston

Neck liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes fat from the area under the chin and neck. This procedure can eliminate a double chin and sharpen the jawline. SBA Dermatology & Plastic Surgery in jawline contouring Houston performs a variety of other cosmetic procedures. Patients seeking neck liposuction can expect the procedure to be painless. This procedure can be combined with skin tightening surgery.
The recovery process after neck liposuction is usually minimal, and patients may return to normal activities within 24 hours. Although patients will experience a minimal amount of discomfort and bruising, swelling should subside after a few days. Over-the-counter pain medications and ice packs will help reduce any post-operative discomfort. Patients will also be required to wear a compression garment for two days. This garment will ensure that the area heals properly and the best possible results will be achieved.

Chin implants

Many people are interested in getting a chin implant to improve the way they look. They may have a weak chin or a prominent chin. A chin implant can create a stronger, more defined jawline. If you are considering this procedure, contact Belage Center for Facial Plastic Surgery for a consultation. Dr. Yalamanchili has helped patients throughout Houston and the United States achieve the perfect jawline.
A chin implant Houston procedure is most suitable for patients who wish to reshape their jawline but don’t want to have a chin lift. This type of procedure is best suited for patients who are looking for a moderate increase in their chin size. Patients should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations. They should also be free of allergies and tobacco use for several weeks prior to their surgery date.

Cheekbone augmentation

If you are unhappy with your appearance and want to improve it, you may consider a cheekbone augmentation procedure. It can help create a more balanced appearance and lift your sunken cheeks. Dr. Henry Mentz is a triple board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial surgery. He can help you decide on which cheek implant is the best fit for you and your goals. Cheek implants can also improve the shape of your jawline.
Cheekbone augmentation in Houston is an option for people who have a weak jawline and want a more defined jawline. This procedure can be used to correct a weak jawline, increase the volume of your cheeks, and improve your overall facial symmetry. The procedure is permanent and can correct any flaws in your face and jawline. Cheekbone implants are also used to add more definition to your chin.


A Houston plastic surgeon can perform a safe, effective, and affordable procedure using Botox. Dr. Lapuerta is an expert in facial anatomy and has more than two decades of experience performing this procedure. He has helped many patients achieve a youthful appearance using Botox injections. During your consultation, he will discuss your goals and explain the procedure. Afterwards, you can go about your daily life.
Not everyone is a candidate for Botox for jawline contouring. The first thing a Houston cosmetic surgeon will do is measure your masseter muscle thickness. If it is thick, your jaw will appear wider. If it is too thick, Botox will not work as well. However, if you are suffering from frown lines, Botox will make them less prominent. The result is a more feminine look.

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