An Adjunct to Jawline Contouring

Aside from Botox, a popular adjunct to jawline contouring is Kybella(r). This FDA-approved injection is used for the reduction of moderate to severe submental fat. It contributes to a more defined jawline in the profile view, and typically requires a series of three treatments. Kybella(r) works by breaking down fat cells. It is administered by injecting deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring bile acid, into the submental region. Dr. Ho has extensive experience injecting Kybella(r), and he can help you determine if this is right for you.

Dermal fillers

Injectable dermal fillers are an excellent solution for improving the appearance of the jaw. A strong jaw is often associated with masculinity, youth, and beauty. However, some patients may not be happy with the shape of their jaw, and seek a more sculpted one. Body+Beauty Lab offers a nonsurgical treatment using injectable dermal fillers to correct this problem.
Injections usually last about a week and the results can be visible immediately. Bruising and swelling are likely during the first few days, but this is typically temporary. Typically, patients can return to work within one to two weeks. The recovery period depends on the type of procedure performed and the patient’s body’s ability to metabolize the Hyaluronic Acid. After the treatment, patients should avoid excessive sun exposure and strenuous activities for a few days to minimize the chance of bruising.
Although there is no single dermal filler that can be used for jawline contouring, there are many alternatives. One method uses fat transfer instead of dermal fillers. This involves using fat from your own body to replace the volume lost by aging. While this procedure requires more preparation than filler injections, it is still a minimally invasive outpatient procedure. First, the patient undergoes liposuction to remove excess fat from one or more parts of the body. After this, the fat is purified and injected.


One of the best ways to get a thinner jaw is through Botox. This non-surgical procedure is safe and effective, but it is important to find a qualified aesthetic expert to give you the best results. Luckily, the cost of Botox for jawline contouring is not as high as you might think. You can get Botox at your dentist or from a qualified aesthetic expert, which is much less expensive than surgery.
There are several reasons why people may have an unattractive jaw. Some of these reasons include a square bone structure or prominent masseter muscles. Although Botox is unable to change the bone structure of the face, it can decrease the size of the masseter muscles, which are responsible for chewing. These muscles are naturally enlarged with age and use and can make the jaw look square. Botox can help reduce the size of the masseter muscles and create a more balanced appearance.

Kybella(r) injections / An Adjunct to Jawline Contouring

While Kybella(r) can reduce small pockets of fat, the results are temporary, and the downtime is usually less than 48 hours. However, the area may swell significantly, so it is not recommended for people who want to attend a big event or wear a suit. Moreover, the procedure should not be scheduled during a time when you may be under the sun.
Before receiving Kybella, patients should have clean and undamaged skin. They should avoid applying any topical creams before the procedure. In addition, the treating physician may place markings or grids on the skin of the neck as a guide for injection sites. The dosage of Kybella is dependent on the area to be treated, and the injections are delivered by a medical professional using a syringe.
Patients who are candidates for Kybella injections should be in good general health and have a low body mass index. They should also have adequate skin quality under the chin and excess neck muscle and fatty tissue. Patients should also follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen to maintain results. Kybella injections are best performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon who knows the anatomy of facial plastic surgery.

Juvederm Voluma(r) injections

There are several benefits to receiving Juvederm Voluma(r), a gel formula that is made of hydrating hyaluronic acid. Juvederm Voluma injections can improve the appearance of your jawline without the use of surgery. The procedure takes about 15 minutes and involves injections of the gel formula. Because the gel formula contains a local anesthetic, patients will feel minimal discomfort during the procedure. There is no need for general anesthesia after the procedure, and the results can be seen immediately.
Juvederm Voluma(r), a dermal filler, is especially useful for restoring larger amounts of volume to the face. It is made by Allergan, the same company that makes Juvederm and Botox. It also adds definition to the jawline and chin. It is an excellent choice for patients who want to improve their jawline contour and define their chin.

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