How Much Does Jawline Contouring Cost?

First of all, it is necessary to decide what kind of operation to do. How much does jawline contouring cost? It will help you find the answer to your question. If you are looking to reduce the appearance of your jawline, you should consider non-surgical procedures such as injectable products. This procedure is a minimally invasive process and does not require surgery or downtime. A topical or local anesthetic may be used to numb the area before the procedure begins. The injection site is marked and the product is carefully injected into the target areas. Non-surgical contouring has a very low recovery time. While you may experience some minor redness after treatment, this is temporary and will disappear over time.

Dermal fillers

The cost of dermal fillers for jawline contouration varies based on the type of product used and how much product is needed. A single treatment can cost between $1,000 and $3,400. The practitioner will discuss these costs with you after the consultation. The procedure typically takes 45 minutes, and the injection itself only lasts about 15 minutes. The remainder of the appointment is spent planning the procedure and preparing for the procedure.
Nonsurgical jawline contouring with fillers can last two years. While the results can vary from patient to patient, many patients experience lasting results. The effects of BOTOX can last for three to four months. However, the procedure may require several additional injections to maintain the desired look. The injector will work with you to create a treatment schedule that is convenient for you. The procedure itself costs approximately $1,600.


The process of neuromodulator injections can reduce the appearance of a gummy smile, by reducing the movement of the upper lip, which reveals the gums. According to Dr. Bloom, neuromodulators can also reduce facial flushing, pore appearance, and scarring. Though not FDA-approved, these injectables are not uncommon in cosmetic surgery procedures. You can learn more about the procedure from your cosmetic surgeon.
These injections are safe, effective, and can be done on people with a fair amount of facial volume. These injections relax the muscles and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The effects of neuromodulators usually start appearing two to four days after the procedure. The results last for three to 10 months. Unlike botox, these treatments do not impede facial expressions. Neuromodulators are an excellent choice for patients seeking a rejuvenating solution for their jawline contouring concerns.
A qualified professional can evaluate your case and discuss your goals to determine the best treatment option for you. Neuromodulators are injectable medications that relax the muscles surrounding the jawline. This results in a more streamlined face. The treatment can also be used to treat pain associated with TMJ. However, before considering neuromodulators for jawline contouring, be sure to discuss any potential side effects with your plastic surgeon. These medications are available in various dosages, depending on your condition and desired results.

PDO thread lifts

Although most patients are satisfied with the results of a PDO thread lift, you should expect some downtime following your procedure. While post-procedure bruising and swelling are common, they will resolve in a few days. You can relieve the pain and discomfort by using ice or acetaminophen. Afterward, you can avoid drinking alcohol and strenuous exercise. Your physician may prescribe antibiotics to help reduce any post-surgical soreness.
Once the procedure is complete, your doctor may use elastic kinesiology tape to protect the repositioned skin. This tape will need to remain on for 12 to 24 hours before being removed. However, you may wish to consider undergoing a second PDO thread lift to reinforce the results. Although the recovery period will vary from patient to patient, you should expect minimal discomfort following the procedure. A local anesthetic is administered before the procedure.


The costs of Radiesse jawline contouring vary depending on the type of treatment and the doctor you choose. Generally, a treatment will cost approximately $3000. This type of injection is used to reduce the appearance of a jowl and improve jawline contour. The procedure involves three stages. The first stage is the initial consultation. During this phase, a surgeon will determine the best way to treat your jowls. The second stage is the actual implant of the Radiesse material.
A Radiesse treatment is given in the skin surrounding the mouth and nose, though it is also given in the hands. A tiny needle is used to administer the procedure. The filler is safe and contains natural ingredients that are safe for your skin. People who have lost facial volume can opt for Radiesse treatments. Radiesse is usually indicated for patients who are between 35 and 60 years old and have wrinkling in the jawline or around their mouth. It is also sometimes indicated for those with lipoatrophy, HIV, or other causes of lipoatrophy.

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